Mathematical Modelling of Coupled Systems

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Mathematical Modelling of Coupled Systems, Processes, and Phenomena

Many processes have components that interact in a complicated dynamic manner; they are "coupled." Certain materials, for example, can mimic biological systems by recovering their shapes after suffering an apparently permanent deformity. Understanding coupled processes has important implications for applications in such fields as medicine and biotechnology and many others as well. The problems that arise are intrinsically interdisciplinary and their solutions require the development of advanced mathematical tools. Such problems are rapidly becoming pervasive in our increasingly interconnected, multiscale dynamic world. They appear at different spatial scales, from the nanoscale to the global scale. Coupled systems, processes and phenomena are ubiquitous in physical and biological worlds, in engineering, environmental, and social sciences, business, finance, and economics. Their studies represent the cutting edge of modern research and they will be increasingly important for the future.